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City of Northfield: City ID: FAQs

This Guide provides information for the Public for the City, or Municipal ID

City ID Frequently Asked Questions

  • Who is eligible? Any Northfield resident within Northfield city limits who satisfies the application requirements. 
  • Is the information on my application public? Yes, The information given on the City ID application is public data and is subject to public access under the MN Government Data Practices Act, Minn.. Stat. c. 13.
  • What are the benefits of having a City ID? The City ID can be used as a form of ID within the City of Northfield at cooperating businesses and organizations. It also verifies residency within the City of Northfield. Some Northfield banks have also agreed to accept the City ID as a secondary form of identification. Purchases of liquor or tobacco using a City ID as proof of age or identity are not allowed, by state regulation. A City ID may not be used as proof of ID or residency for voting in municipal, state or federal elections.
  • What are the application requirements? To apply, the applicant needs two forms of accepted identification and one form of proof of address (see How do I apply for a City ID tab), completed application form, and registration fee. Northfield College Students (St. Olaf & Carleton) - Bank or Credit Card and Student ID are the basic requirements.
  • Does the card expire? Yes. A City ID card expires four years from the date it was issued.
  • What are my responsibilities as a cardholder? A cardholder needs to notify the city within 30 days of a name or address change within the City. In addition, if a cardholder no longer lives within City boundaries for more than 90 consecutive days, the cardholder must mail the card to the City with acknowledgement of intent to live elsewhere. 
  • Will this work as a library card? Yes! The back of the card can function as a library card, where we can place a Northfield Public Library barcode after the cardholder completes a library card application. If you already have a library card, you can combine your card with a City ID card for one super-useful card.
  • How much does a City Identification card cost? $15.00 per  new adult card; $10.00 for new card ages 16 and under; $10.00 for a replacement/lost card; $5.00 renewal card;  Library card option, free.