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Books and Reading: Overdrive for E-readers: Overdrive for Windows 8

Explore and learn about how to download content on your e-reader with Overdrive.

OverDrive for Windows 8

To use Overdrive with Windows 8 or 10, check out this link

Download on Windows device. 

The Windows Media Player Security Upgrade will require running Internet Explorer 10 as an administrator. In some cases, using IE10’s compatibility mode may also be necessary to make sure the security upgrade can run. When using both versions of OMC on a Windows 8 computer, these are steps to take to make sure the correct format opens in the appropriate version of OMC:

1. Once you’ve found an audiobook, music, or video that you want to check out, save it to your computer instead of opening it. To do that, right-click the Download button, then select ‘Save As,’ or select the Download button, then Save.

2. Once the ODM file has been downloaded, right-click (or swipe down) on it.

3. Select Open With, then choose the right version of OMC: • WMA and WMV titles: Choose OverDrive Media Console. You can also open MP3 titles with this too, if you prefer. • MP3 titles: Choose OverDrive Media Console for Windows 8.

Once you have both versions installed, you can enjoy OverDrive media in the old style or new.

Free eBooks

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